In the world of fashion, accessories are to an outfit what icing is to cake, with bowties being that delicious cherry on top that everyone craves. A perfect accessory is one that enhances, lifts, and lends the aura of completion to an outfit, and in this, the bowtie is a spot-on candidate. 

At Lula Nga, each bowtie is envisioned to complement any outfit, keeping in mind the mood and nature of the occasion to sport it.  

Our Passion, Our History

It all started with Guylain Nkongolo’s upcoming wedding. He was having a hard time finding the perfect finishing touch to his outfit. He searched high and low for the right accessory but was never satisfied with what he found. That’s when he decided that he would make one himself. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. He put together a bow tie and a lapel pin and walked down the aisle for the best day of his life. 

What did he do next?

He didn’t stop at that. Together with his brother-in-law, Kenan Kamanga, and his brother Eddy Nkongolo, the trio combined their passions and started Lula Nga. Starting with a single bow tie, the idea took shape and rocketed into a business to make fashionable bow ties for every occasion in a man’s life. Made with pieces of bow tie fabric and material from his mother’s sewing supplies from his home country, The Democratic Republic of Congo, a huge amount of dedication and creativity goes into the making of each bow tie.

Quality Looks Require Quality Material

Our pre-made bow ties are an exclusive supply, requiring only the most exquisite of fabrics. Each bow tie is paired with a carefully chosen lapel pin to complete the client’s look. Understanding the practical problem of long-distance travel, Lula Nga provides the convenience of shopping online and getting the bow ties shipped right. After all, those at Lula Nga were indeed looking for a similar service, weren’t they?

For men and for women, bow ties are an exquisite gift for that special gentleman in your life. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one bow tie either!  Buy a stylish one for the parties, a formal one for black tie occasions, funky ones for the casual times. To top it all, how about buying a custom made bow tie? Well, that is how Lula Nga came into being and is making all its clients delighted and content. Boy, did it fill in a huge void in the fashion business!

An outfit depicts the individual. The accessories showcase their personality. Let your bow tie speak for you. Stand out amongst the crowd and make a statement.  Treat yourself or your loved ones to these must have bow ties. If you are looking to express yourself, you can get your bow tie customized to your taste and liking. 

Be it the office party, or a wedding, or a casual party, you know what you need to look your best and create an impression. 

So, What are you waiting for? Are you ready to buy a bow tie?